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Welcome to GearSweat!

GearSweat was started after GearFetish was shut down and there was no true community for GearHeads and fetish like-minded people. GearSweat is free and offers a place for people to meet and share their gear and fetish world with others. #DropTumblr #UseGearSweat!

Our Mission

The New Standard in Kink Social Networking

GearSweat fills a nitch where other fetishes sites have not yet tackled, a Social Media Platform. You have other sites out that are Blogs, Forums, and Cookie cutter Communities. we have worked with the leading community software and have custom designed GearSweat to be fully functional and added community-driven features to ensure all features are used and wanted. GearSweat is the first Social Media site dedicated to GearHeads and fetish like-minded people. We strived to build a global community for all kinksters to come together and here it is!

Build Your Profile

Just like any other social media site you can build a personal profile to share anything you want.

Forge Friendships

Use our site to build true kinkster relationships in a global kink community.

Join/Create Kink Groups

Create groups for events and kinks to help bring like-minded kinksters together. Any one can create one.

GearSweat On Mobile

Need Access on the Go?

GearSweat is accessible on all mobile devices. We are currently in the process of building native Android and iOS apps. Can’t wait and have android? download the beta Android app today.

Latest News

Keep Up to Date on All Things GearSweat.

Check out our Blog for recent updates, upgrades or planned outages.

Setting up GearSweat Chat Using Apps

Setting up GearSweat Chat Using Apps

You can take GearSweat Chat with you where ever you go with the Rocket Chat App for Android and iOS. below are the steps to set it up: 1) Install the Rocket Chat App on your Android and iOS. 2) Open the App and Click Connect with a Server. 3) make sure "https://" is...

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GearSweat 2.0 and Beyond

GearSweat 2.0 and Beyond

Its been a year Since we have posted on our blog and would like to point out some of our progress this year! #Hashtags - Completed We have completed our deployment of #hashtags Whether they’re made by GearHeads on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts...

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