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Its been a year Since we have posted on our blog and would like to point out some of our progress this year!

#Hashtags – Completed

We have completed our deployment of #hashtags 
Whether they’re made by GearHeads on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings The addition to GearSweat with a built-in hashtag search will help all GearHeads search and create their favorite #hashtags to filter posts.

Word Filtering – Completed

Even though we are a kink-oriented site there are still some words that shouldn’t be used. with our new word filtering, you can filter out any kind of bad language. The Word Filter functionality gives our Gearheads peace of mind. We want to keep GearSweat a friendly and supportive social media site. You also still have the ability to report anything else you think is offensive.

Audio Uploading and Linking – Completed

You now have the Ability to Link and upload audio files into your post from any site. We are still in the works on the Video uploads but , our radar and in the labs.

Whats on the Horizon for 2019?

We are still working on some features thats were wanted from 2018 but here is our current road map for 2019. 

  • Video Uploads
  • Ability to advertise on GearSweat
  • Verification process to protect popular kinkster accounts.
  • Our Kink Learning Resources 
  • User Blog functionality #ByeTumblr
  • Kinkster Events Calender

you can check out our road map at: