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Welcome to the Roadmap Page for GearSweat!

Upcoming Features

We work with our developers on a bi-weekly basis on pushing out security and performance updates.

We have a few new features coming in 2019.

Native Apps - In Progress

In this day and age, we are so used to just opening an app to access the stuff we need. We at GearSweat understand this and are in the process of building an app to use Gearsweat natively on Android and iOS. You can download our Android Beta app here

Verified Accounts - In Progress

Just like Facebook and Twitter we know that there are some public figures our there that require verified accounts. Currently we offer this features on a one by one request basis. But we are build a process the make this easier to verfiy users. 

Video Uploads/ Live Video -In Progress

The ability for users to upload videos to profiles and ability to share to other social media platforms.  You will also be able to host live video events through You tube.

Event Manager

We are in the process of providing a place for users to create local and worldwide events for users to see. Also, we would like to provide RsVP functionality. 

Learning Resources

We want to offer community created self-learning courses related to the Kink lifestyle to help you explore other avenues and expereince other spaces.

User Blogs

You will now be able to integrate a Blog with your GearSweat Account. We will be adding a Blog Posts tab to user profiles, featuring blog entries created by you our GearSweat members.

Inline Advertisements - In Progress

Social Targeted Ads Facebook Style. Monetizing your brand is a hard task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and most often than not doesn’t work out the way you want it to. It can be dictated by various factors. All in all, it’s not an easy task. GearSweat’s future advertisement platform will be fully integrated into our site and will work seamlessly with activity stream based advertisements and community targeting.  

Updated Following and Liking

we would like to update our current like and following features where do you not have to berequired to be friends with the user.

Completed in 2018

#Hashtags - Completed

Hashtags are coning to GearSweat! Whether they’re made by GearHeads on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings The addition to GearSweat will come with a built-in hashtag search.

Audio Uploads - Completed

You now have the Ability to upload your favorite audio clip to your profile.

Word Filtering - Completed

Filter out any kind of bad language. The Word Filter functionality gives our Gearheads peace of mind. We want to keep GearSweat a friendly and supportive social media site. You still will have the ability to report anything else you think is offensive.